Optics types

  • X2, XENPAK, CFP, CFP2, CFP4, CFP8 ect
  • Multiple slots of the same type can be added on the same board for bulk factory programming. Eg: 4x SFP slots.
  • Cages without retaining lugs are available, allowing optics can be quickly removed without using the de-latch mechanism.

Control/Monitoring functions

  • Different types of USB interfaces: USB-B for maximum ruggedness, USB-micro for maximum compatibility, USB-C for maximum power.
  • Access to all control/monitor lines is possible: TxEnable, LOS, TxFault, /INT, IntL, LPMode etc
  • Some optical modules require a hardware “back-door” to be opened, this can be added. E.g. Pulling Mod-Def0 high.
  • Temperature monitoring.

Power supplies

  • All power supplies on the board are compatible with the relevant multi-source agreement.
  • Add optional voltage and current monitoring to each optical module.
  • For higher power optics, use a USB-C connector.
  • For very high power devices, add an external 5V power supply.
  • Add a connector for external fan.


  • LEDs
    • Change LED colours / positions
    • Add LEDs to monitor specific functions (E.g. LOS, TxEnable)
    • Add RGB LED(s) with driver – flashing, colour cycling, “pulsing” effects. You can program this to pulse when the power is on, or change colour when data is being programmed etc.
  • Change size/shape/colour of PCB
  • Add mounting holes, cut-outs to suit your case design
  • Add/remove rubber feet

Packaging solutions

  • Bare board or in a custom plastic case
  • Supplied with or without USB cable
  • Supplied in a cardboard box or bulk-packed in bubble-bags
  • Serial number can be programmed to your preferred format
  • Barcode labels on the PCB and external packaging

Not sure what you want? Just ask.