We only do one thing: programming boards for optical modules. And we’ve been doing it for years. That means we know what we’re doing. And that means you get what you want, fast.

All suppliers of fibre-optic modules need to program the on-board EEPROM. In the past this was always done at the factory and we supply boards into many manufacturers who use our boards in their factory final test and programming.

In recent times, there has been a trend towards programming optics in the field. This reduces costs and provides a faster response time to the end user as less inventory has to be kept. We have helped many optics suppliers make that a reality too.

We’ve supplied programming solutions for every type of transceiver that exists. Most of our business is in custom solutions for your production environment. Usually we can have a working prototype on your desk in just 8-10 weeks.

We also have our Universal Programmer board can be used to program pretty much anything else.

Questions? Just ask.